Review: The List by Anne Calhoun

The List by Anne Calhoun

The List

I recently read and reviewed The List by Anne Calhoun for one of the romance sites I review for, Romance Junkies. I’m not going to write a new review but I do hope you will check out my review of The List. A little review snippet:

Daniel proves to be just as complex and fascinating as Tilda. It is no wonder these two work together so well. Of course, it is a lot of work. This is not an easy relationship or a light romance by any means; in fact, the tone of this story is quite heavy. Be prepared for fraught emotions and utterly sexy love scenes.

Anne Calhoun has been one of my favorite romance writers for a few years now. She is exceptional with words and she knows how to craft a love story that will stick with you. Also, on a somewhat shallower note, the men in her books are always amazingly sexy!

ARC received from author for review.

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