Review: The Mistake by Elle Kennedy

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy

Off-Campus #2

Ah Elle Kennedy, you are a powerful romance sorceress! All your books have a magical appeal to them that make them basically instant favorites for me. The Mistake is no different. And man, it’s tough to say this but I think I liked this book even a tad bit more than The Deal (which is phenomenal; read my abbreviated review). The Mistake is just wonderful.

John Logan is kind of in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. He doesn’t like the feeling and wants to escape it anyway he can. That leads to more than a few rather quick encounters with women. He has it easy. He’s a hockey star. He’s incredibly attractive and he doesn’t have to work hard to find a hook-up. Little does he realize he wants something more.

When Logan shows up unexpectedly at Grace Ivers door searching for a friend (of the male variety, an actual friend), neither expects an unexpected friendship to start to develop. Or an attraction. Certainly not Grace who has not had a very successful first year at Briar University. Unfortunately, their attraction does not run smoothly and most of that is due to Logan and his crush on his best friend’s girlfriend. Little does he realize how much he will miss Grace when he does the unthinkable and crushes her feelings in a very intimate moment.

So much to like about this book! I really loved Grace. Her freshman year at Briar is nothing to write home about. It’s not the experience she had been hoping for, though getting to know Logan certainly livens things up. What is really wonderful is that during her sophomore year, she decides to take charge of her life at college instead of being guided by her childhood best friend, Ramona. Grace decides to join the on campus radio station (which made me think of the movie Pitch Perfect which I love so yay). She gets a new roommate and when Logan asks Grace on a date, she says no. She really does gain a lot of independence and growing confidence between her freshman and sophomore year of college.

I also really liked that Grace helped her childhood best friend, Ramona, during a really rough scene. These two had a bad falling out and Grace needs distance. But she is also the kind of person who doesn’t want to totally cut off her best friend and when worst comes to worst, she will be there for Ramona. I was quite repulsed by the scene Ramona found herself in, surrounded by coked out hockey players. (Please note, I wasn’t repulsed by her!). The scene itself, in a hotel room surrounded by men, with her phone taken away, well, it reads a bit too close to reality. I feel like there is more to Ramona than glimpsed in this book and would be happy if Kennedy decides to explore her character.

Logan is a charmer but he has a lot of bad crap going on in his home life. Not many know what is really happening but with Grace, Logan feels like he can tell her a little bit of his situation. He doesn’t have the future he wants but he also knows he has to man-up and help his family. I really and truly believed that Logan fell hard for Grace. Yes, he does some silly stunts to prove to her that going out on a date with him is worth it (the chaise lounge in particular had me laughing) but when it came down to it, Grace was the woman Logan could see himself being vulnerable with, being part of a couple. And of course, Logan could see himself with Grace during sexy times too, and there are plenty of those moments. Elle Kennedy is pretty much a sexy times master (something to be proud of!) so prepare yourself.

And as usual, Logan’s hockey friends and teammates add more than enough extra testosterone to the story. Dean and Tucker in particular stand out in this book and I am already anxious for their stories. I love the Briar University setting. Elle Kennedy has a great grasp of the college scene and it makes her stories feel authentic. The radio stations scenes had me in stitches and I was so glad that Grace ventured out of her comfort zone. She becomes an even more interesting and layered character. Her earlier experiences with Logan really help her realize what she wants in a man and even to a degree how to go about finding it. And Logan is front and center ready to prove he is the man for her.

So yes, I continue leading the Elle Kennedy lovefest bandwagon. She is a talented writer, no ifs ands or buts about it. I’m glad I get to reap the rewards of her stories!

The Mistake is available on Tuesday, April 28! Go and pre-order so you have it on your reading device at midnight.

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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  1. Kel April 28, 2015 at 12:35 AM Reply

    YESSS! Thank you SO much for the reminder! I thought I had pre-ordered this after reading The Deal but I guess not. I just bought it and now just need to set aside some time to read. Hopefully this weekend! CAN’T WAIT.


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