Review: Last Kiss by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick

Last Kiss by Jessica Clare and Jen FrederickI am fairly in reading love with the Hitman series by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick. For me, it’s like the perfect mix of action and romance. I had been anticipating Last Kiss after I finished Daniel and Regan’s story in Last Breath (which I LOVED and do plan on reviewing). Their story got me really excited for Vasily and Naomi’s story which definitely lived up to my expectations.

Vasily is a member of the Russian Bratva and that is all he has known his entire life. Now that the Bratva is falling into chaos, with the recent demise of its “leader”. Vasily is ready to ascend into power but before he can do that, the elders of the Bratva are sending him on some a fool’s errand to reclaim a painting. Vasily is not thrilled by this chore but he will do it if it will bring him the power he wants. He needs Naomi’s help to follow the trail of where painting has exchanged hands. Naomi is a wise at computers and hacking but when it comes to the real world, she has a bit of a learning curve.

Naomi is on the Aspergers spectrum. She was kidnapped while on spring break at the beach and has since been held captive making money for a truly evil man. Now Vasily needs her to find his painting. They are a truly mismatched pairing. Vasily and Naomi both hate to be touched but as they are drawn into the web of the missing painting, they learn that with each other, the rules don’t apply.

I know next to nothing about Aspergers so I cannot truly judge how accurate the portrayal of Naomi is but it felt well done to me, based on the very little information I do know. She doesn’t handle germs well. Sex has never been a priority to her. She does not understand sarcasm and prefers people be blunt with her. Vasily is all that and more and he adapts easily to Naomi’s disposition. In fact, he admires her immensely almost from the outset.

Naomi is equally fascinated with Vasily even if she does not always understand why he wants the painting so very much. But she tried very hard to understand. I really liked that these two just accepted each other as is. No change necessary. They were both kinda messed-up in their own ways, though messed-up isn’t the right term. They were both very unique individuals, NOT special as Naomi hates that word.

Their mad romp around the world was a lot of fun to read about because it brought them closer together and added quite a few comedic moments to the story. Naomi’s dry recital of the facts about situations did make me laugh though they were not intended to be funny in her world. That is how she communicates and relates to things so when she starts talking about the penis or about creating characters in order to get into a sex club, it had me grinning. That’s Naomi and Vasily thoroughly enjoyed every minute with her. He did his best to get her through hectic situations (gun fights on trains! Um… sex clubs, yeah) and he was never angry at her. And for her part, Naomi just accepts Vasily, murderous traits and connections with the Bratva and all.

Last Kiss has definitely been my favorite of the series so far (it was very hard to beat the irrepressible Daniel I have to admit). This series has grown on me immensely. It is sexy and a lot of fun. The characters are pretty much the definition of anti-hero and there is no way I should like them or even accept their actions but somehow, I do.

Vasily and Naomi make a great team and theirs was a love story I was so thrilled to fall in love with.

Last Kiss releases May 5, 2015.

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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