Review: The Taming of the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

The Taming of the Billionaire by Jessica ClareAh Jessica Clare, I continue to worship at the feet of your books. I will admit, I forgot The Taming of the Billionaire was on my Kindle but then I was randomly trying to find a new book to read and boom, there it was! And I am so glad I picked it up. The story begins, as many a great romance do, with Edie, a cat behaviorist, getting angry after overhearing a conversation between a group of groomsmen talking about the bride’s “cat lady” friends. The worst offender in her opinion is Magnus. And of course, she has to sit next to him at dinner.

Magnus isn’t happy to have to be around Edie either. She lives up to the imagined stereotype of man-hating, cat lady in his mind. Unfortunately, his younger brother, Levi, is madly “in love” with Edie’s sister, Bianca. Levi wrangles Magnus into helping him with his courtship by keeping Edie occupied. Now, this starts a dangerous path for me as a reader because I don’t like stories where relationships begin on a lie. BUT I kept reading and I am glad I did.

Edie does not believe Magnus truly is attracted to her, at least not at first. But after a few dates with him, she is convinced otherwise and well, she likes him right back. While the lie that started their relationship continues for a bit longer than I prefer in my romances, I did genuinely like Magnus and Edie together. Edie is just fabulous. She has bad knee pain but does not let it control her life and does her best to not be seen as an invalid. She also happens to be an amazing cat behaviorist (I learned a few good things about cats while reading this book), she owns her own business, she is an independent and bold woman. Those qualities that Magnus initially disliked in Edie when he did not know her, were the same qualities that made him fall in love with her. He is impressed with her knowledge of cats (it greatly helps his experiences with his own two cats, Lady Cujo and Lady Daredevil), he likes that she is opinionated and knows what she wants with her life. Yes, she is a bit uncomfortable with the differences in their income (Magnus is a billionaire video game inventor and producer) but she is impressed with what he has accomplished.

Me? Well I just love how Magnus fully embraces EVERYTHING about Edie. Jessica Clare does a great job of making cat-lady stereotypes into good things. Except for at the very beginning of the book, it is clear that Magnus respects everything about Edie. And so does the author. The stereotypes of cat ladies that I cannot stand (being a cat lady myself) were not over emphasized in this book, rather, they were turned upside down to show all the awesome things about Edie.

AND THE SEX. Oh yes, this is a Jessica Clare book. It is STEAMY and fabulous. Yes, the sex is hot, but the emotions I felt coming from Magnus and Edie were sincere. (Especially when compared to their siblings, Levi and Bianca, respectively, who were incredibly fake). If there is one small thing I could have wished for this book, is that Edie had been named Bianca. It just seems like Edie is the easy name choice for a cat lady. That small qualm aside, I loved this book so much. The ending in particular is near perfection for this couple. Perhaps a bit too sappy for some readers, but it worked for me.

Jessica Clare’s books are always entertaining and The Taming of the Billionaire is no different. This book is high on romance, laughs and character appeal.

The Taming of the Billionaire is available today! Get your copy now. Really worth it if you’ve enjoyed Jessica Clare’s previous Billionaire books.

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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