Review: Sacked by Jen Frederick

Sacked by Jen Frederick With fall rushing in, I am excited to snuggle into sweaters, eat pumpkin everything (yep, I’m one of those people!), and enjoy the cooler evenings. And catch up on my football romances! Yep, much like hockey romances, I enjoy a great football romance (even though I don’t actually watch football at all). I was so excited to be able to read Jen Frederick’s Sacked and share my thoughts with you.

I was pretty instantly hooked on this book. I can handle a lot of improbabilities in my romance books and the fact that Knox Masters is a virgin is one major thing this story hinges on. Given his devotion to football though, I believed it. This is one man who is devoted to the game and will do whatever it takes to make the NFL, but in the meantime, he will be a model teammate and mentor for the underclassmen on the team. He has never really given his virginity too much thought because if he wanted, well, he could get rid of it very easily. He’s the star of the team after all.

Ellie Campbell has had more than enough football in her life and is not looking for more. She followed her brother to his university and is excited to see him take the field, but she is already feeling the familial pressure to make sure he succeeds, whatever the cost. And it definitely costs her a lot though her mother is not willing to see it and her dad, well he just doesn’t give a fuck honestly. When Knox lays eyes on Ellie for the first time, it is basically true love. (Yes, just go with it.)

Jen Frederick is a fabulous writer because she makes me believe in these two, against all odds. Their love of football really draws them together initially and it made their instalove much more intriguing because these two have a connection. Ellie knows football inside and out. She loves it in fact and wants to see her brother and Knox succeed. Unfortunately she knows she cannot have both, even if Knox does not understand why.

Knox is the kind of man dreams are made of honestly. He is incredibly sexy, he is smart, he is not a jerk or overly arrogant, and he is willing to show Ellie how much he loves her and wants her in his life. It adds up to an exciting courtship. The university setting felt realistic. Frederick knows her football because this story truly felt like a football book. The love of the game from the author and the characters comes through loud and clear.

My main disappointment in this book was the ending, where I felt believability just went out the window, at least for me. I was happy these two found a way to make their relationship work but I also felt like it was such a simple solution in the face of what had been quite a bit of drama and heartache. That being said, it is a minor complaint in a story that overall I enjoyed from start to finish. This is one football romance that is giving my love for hockey romances a run for their money!


Sacked is available now from all major ebook retailers. It is the beginning of a new series with so much promise! I cannot wait to read the story of Ty, Knox’s twin brother. Yep, there is a twin. And wait until you learn the origin of their names. It brought a smile to this romance reader’s face!

ARC provided by publicist.

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