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Cover Reveal: Jockblocked by Jen Frederick

I’m excited to highlight the next book in Jen Frederick’s Gridiron series. This is a fabulous cover and it makes me even more excited about the book. I’m hoping that the contents of the story match the cover! Here is my review of Sacked, the first book in the series.



She’s always played it safe…

College junior Lucy Washington abides by one rule—avoid risk at all costs. She’s cautious in every aspect of her life, from her health, to her mock trial team, to the boring guys she dates. When a brash, gorgeous jock walks into the campus coffeeshop and turns his flirt on, Lucy is stunned by the force of attraction. For the first time ever, she’s willing to step out of her comfort zone, but can she really trust the guy who’s determined to sweep her off her feet?

He’s always played around…

Entering his last year of college eligibility, linebacker Matthew “Matty” Iverson has the team captaincy in his sights. And it’s his for the taking, if he can convince his quarterback Ace Anderson to give up the starting position. Luckily, Matty already has an edge—the hottie he’s lusting over just happens to be Ace’s childhood best friend. Getting Lucy on his side and in his bed? Hell yeah. Matty is more than confident he can have both, but when he falls hard for Lucy, it’s time for a new game plan: convince the woman of his dreams that she’s not sleeping with the enemy.


Here’s a little teaser to get grab your interest even more:

He leans toward me again. “How about this. I’ll take all the risks and you just come along for the ride.”

“Matty, dating isn’t the risk. You’re the risk.” I lay down a few bills for my meal. “I’m not unhappy with how I live now. There’s nothing wrong with making measured decisions and weighing the risks versus the benefits.”

He watches me while I pull on my coat. “You’re right that there’s nothing wrong with how you’re living. I’m not judging that. I’m just saying maybe your life could be happier. And that sometimes taking a risk gives you big rewards.”

“And you’re that big reward?”

He smiles wide. “You won’t know unless you give me a try.”

Cover Reveal: Time and Space by Rachel Robinson

time and space cover

New Military Romance from Rachel Robinson!

Meet Cody & Lainey in Time and Space on January 18th!

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time and space teaser

Several men did Navy SEAL Cody Ridge DIRTY.

Not only did they take his career and his fiancée, they stole everything but his life, and he barely escaped with that.

Cody is back.

As the boss of Ridge Contracting, his life is a blur of adrenaline and endless hours of work. Thriving and successful, he has never forgotten what was taken or who is to blame. His scars run as deep as the hatred in his heart.

Everything Cody lost will be his again. At any cost.

Lainey Rosemont can decorate anything. Your drab bedroom? She’s got it. A rundown shack in the middle of N.Y.C.? Lainey is the woman for the job. Unfortunately her past love life isn’t something she can Feng shui.

She has moved on from her relationship with Cody. It was over–literally buried in the ground. When he comes spiraling back into her life she’s not sure where their limits lie. With her nuptials to the swoony, heartthrob, Navy SEAL, Dax Redding fast approaching Lainey has decisions to make and a past of sinister secrets to confront.

Time changes everything and space apart turns lovers into strangers.

The only thing standing between happily ever after and fate is revenge.

About the author:

Rachel grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words wererachel robinson bio always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA.

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Review: Coming Back by Lauren Dane


Lauren Dane is an author I have long admired. I’ve been reading her books for years now which is hard to believe. She has a way of writing that is warm and draws you in but also has so many shades of sexy thrown in. Coming Back is her newest book and the third in the Ink and Chrome series. It’s a book I’ve been most excited for and I was not disappointed. She makes me believe that a three way relationship can totally and one hundred percent work and believe me, that is not an easy feat to pull off, especially as I’ve read quite a few menage stories.

Jessi, Mick, and Adam have a history together. A history that involves heavy emotions and incredibly intimacy, both in bed and out. But as young lovers, it was hard to stay together. Too many things were pulling them apart, perhaps most difficult of all, family. When Mick invites Adam and Jessi to the grand opening of Twisted Steel, the business Mick is a part of, he is unsure what to expect. Will they show? Will the emotions and palpable feelings between them still be there?

Well, Mick did not have to worry, believe me. Sexual tension was evident


Ink and Chrome #3

from the minute these three were in the same room together. Jessi, Mick, and Adam are very potent together throughout the course of the story. But they each have to acknowledge how they have changed since the last time they saw each other, since the last time their attempted a relationship together. It is not easy. Adam is incredibly dominant and wants to protect Jessi and Mick, but Jessi is not having any of that. She is an up and coming designer who has goals of her own outside their burgeoning relationship. This is a woman who won’t back down. Likewise, both Adam and Mick are heavily involved in their jobs. This new balance they are attempting is, like any new relationship, fraught with tension and unexpected emotions. And then of course, they have to face what being in a relationship together will truly mean for their lives.

Ah Lauren Dane, how you know how to beat my heart to a pulp. I flew through this book and savored every page. I really liked these characters, Jessi in particular who has a real sense of the whimsical and the serendipitous. She is an optimistic woman with hopes and concrete goals she is working towards. Lauren Dane is no slouch at creating great female characters and Jessi is another to add to the list. Jessi could have chosen to remain devastated after the break-up and loss of Mick and Adam. Instead, she found strength and talent and drive. I love an ambitious woman!

This is a MMF story so definitely expect sex of all sorts between the characters, including Adam and Mick. It is VERY steamy to be sure, something readers can expect of many of Lauren Dane’s books. Coming Back is a great finish to the Ink and Chrome series. There is a lot of joy in this book. Joy at rediscovering each other and their feelings, and joy at shaping a new future together. It will not be easy, especially with fallout from family still lingering, but if they can make it work, Jessi, Mick, and Adam have a wonderful future to look forward to. (And spoiler, they do make it work and it is fantastic!)

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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Beautiful covers for the Ink and Chrome series

About the author:
Lauren DaneThe story goes like this: While on pregnancy bed rest, Lauren Dane had plenty of down time, so her husband took her comments about “giving that writing thing a serious go” to heart and brought home a secondhand laptop. She wrote her first book on it. Today, Lauren is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than 60 novels and novellas across several genres.

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Review: Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt


I’m really excited to be participating in Elizabeth Hoyt’s Sweetest Scoundrel Blog Tour. Elizabeth Hoyt is one of my favorite historical romance writers. I look forward to all her stories and Sweetest Scoundrel in particular I’ve been anticipating. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Asa Makepeace’s story and well, it did not disappoint.

Firstly, don’t worry if you have no idea who Asa Makepeace is. Hoyt establishes her characters with efficiency in the beginning of the book andHoyt_Sweetest Scoundrel_MM the story takes off from there. Eve and Asa are about as different as it is possible to be. Eve is practical and efficient. She is the bastard child of a Duke and lives a simple, quiet life. Her only support is the Duke of Montgomery, her brother and protector. When Eve meets Asa, she is immediately drawn to him. But she also knows she has to protect her brother’s investment in Harte’s Folly, the theater Asa runs, so, despite her initial attraction, Eve concentrates on business. And that isn’t hard to do necessarily because while Asa is passionate about theater, he is not a natural businessman by any means. Eve is however and gets the theater’s books in order. The closer she works with Asa, the closer their bond grows.

And of course, a natural romance emerges between these two and it is lovely. Asa and Eve clash with each other but the more Asa gets to know Eve, the more he has her back, so to speak. He will make sure she is safe and wants to be her protector. Unfortunately, there is something standing in their way, and that is Asa’s obsession with Harte’s Folly.

It takes Asa a bit longer than I would have expected to come to his senses when it comes to Eve but then he makes a grand gesture which I found very romantic. I really liked Asa, as I was expecitng, but honestly it was Eve who stole the show for me. I loved her quiet character that hid a deep, passionate soul. She reminded me a bit of me. A bit shy and seemingly living a content life but knowing there is something more exciting out there for her. And once Eve got going, she did not let anything derail her. She embraced Asa’s personality, foibles and all, and embraced their joy together.

Elizabeth Hoyt does her research and it showed in Sweetest Scoundrel. The theater setting was fully realized and it brought the book to life for me. Just as Asa was immersed in Harte’s Folly, so was I through the images Hoyt created in my mind. Well done, as usual Elizabeth Hoyt!

Sweetest Scoundrel is a great book for longtime fans of the series. I also believe that if this is your first foray in Elizabeth Hoyt’s historicals, it will pique your interest for more.

Sweetest Scoundrel is available now!

ARC provided by publisher for review.

 About the author:

Elizabeth Hoyt is the New York Times bestselling author of over seventeen lush historical romances including the Maiden Lane series. Publishers Weekly has called her writing “mesmerizing.” She also pens deliciously fuHoytElizabethn contemporary romances under the name Julia Harper. Elizabeth lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with three untrained dogs, a garden in constant need of weeding, and the long-suffering Mr. Hoyt.

The winters in Minnesota have been known to be long and cold and Elizabeth is always thrilled to receive reader mail. You can write to her at: P.O. Box 19495, Minneapolis, MN 55419 or email her at:
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