Review: Paper Princess by Erin Watt

PaperPrincessShinyPaper Princess is a new book (and series) from author Erin Watt. Erin Watt just happens to be a collaboration between two writers, Elle Kennedy (one of my favorite romance writers) and Jen Frederick. They prove to be a really great writing duo. Though the main character, Ella Harper, is seventeen, and though this book is set in a very prestigious high school, I would not call this book a young adult book. This is definitely New Adult and perfect for readers who liked the tv show Gossip Girl or Veronic Mars (VM in particular because Reed proves to bear a strong resemblance to Logan).

Ella Harper is used to working and providing for herself. Her mother has passed away due to a battle with cancer and now she is on her own. She needs money and has taken to stripping. It’s an honest living if nothing else.

All that changes when Callum Royal enters her life. He is the best friend of her recently paperprincesscoverdeceased father, a man she never knew. Callum is determined to see Ella’s life change for the better. Callum has money, gobs of it in fact, and he will provide Ella with everything she needs to make a fresh start. Unfortunately, with that new start comes a group of boys who instantly detest Ella. Callum’s five sons, Gideon (away at college), Reed, Easton, and twins Sebastian and Sawyer, see Ella as nothing but a leech determined to ruin their father. They have the lowest thoughts about her and they are not afraid to share them. Ella has been at the lowest point in her life already, seeing her mom pass away, so she is ready to take what these boys dish out and show them they can’t hurt her.

Ah but if only it was that easy. Paper Princess proves enthralling from the very beginning. Ella is a very tough young lady. She’s had to be and she holds her head up throughout the entirety of the book. It’s definitely hard to root against Ella. She has tenacity and she is not afraid to fight for her future. Of course, her feelings for Reed prove to be her weak spot.

I was not really impressed with the Royal boys, particularly Reed and Easton, at the beginning of the story. Fortunately their motivations for their shitty behavior are slowly revealed. It’s not enough to forgive them but it did make me more compassionate towards them. I did continue to think they were big jerks sometimes but it was tempered with the knowledge that I like to see a rich guy in pain (hence my attraction to many fictional characters). Even though Ella and Reed prove to be combustible together, I was actually more drawn to Easton as a character. I hope to continue to get to know him more as the series continues.

Paper Princess has it all if you’re looking for great escapist fiction. A rich world full of scandals, a group of young men who indeed kings at their prep school. A young woman who is anything but naive, who speaks her mind and deserves a happy ending. I know it will be coming but be warned, this book ends on a cliff-hanger. That did not lessen my enjoyment at all. Ella’s wit and determination give her a heads-up above many in her new world, even if she does not realize it yet. So continue to hold your head up high, Ella! Your reward awaits you!

This series continues with book 2, Broken Prince, coming out in July. I pretty much wish it was on my Kindle already.


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