Review: Broken Prince by Erin Watt

theroyals2_v3-number1-fullsize300dpiIt’s here! Broken Prince is available for your swift perusal. Of course, it won’t be too swift because probably like me you are going to be pulled into the story and completely engrossed. Some questions are answered by author Erin Watt (a combination of Jen Frederick and my fave, Elle Kennedy) but the author opens up a whole new round of speculation too.

So…what happened to Ella? The story jumps into things very quickly and well, some of the things that bothered me about Reed in the previous book are tackled head-on which I appreciated. I don’t really want to give too much away (I’m trying anyway) because this is a book that is like a great piece of chocolate cake. It’s way too easy to devour swiftly but drawing out the pleasure is even more amazing.

The entire Royal crew is back. Easton is feeling especially unpredictable and clingy about Ella. Reed just wants things back to the way they were with her, and well the twins, they have started to come around to her presence a bit more. BUT the big question of course is, does Ella forgive Reed? How does she get back into the Royal fold? I can’t truly answer those questions for you but I can promise you, Erin Watt has set things in motion so that Ella gets her justice and the situation between Reed and Ella is rectified.

Broken Prince is not a story you can just jump into. I definitely recommend the first book in the series, Paper Princess, because it sets the stage for everything that happens in this story. This time though Erin Watt is able to dig a bit deeper into her characters. I still find myself drawn to Easton more than Reed but I definitely have warmed up to Reed now. His motivations are a bit clearer to me as a reader though they are not always great reasons for his actions.

Ella feels a lot more comfortable in the Royal world in this book. In particular, she is not afraid to stand up to Brooke. HBIC Jordan, or Steve’s wife, Dinah. Ella really grabs her Royal connection and does not let anyone steamroll her anymore. I really liked seeing her became even more of a bad ass. Unfortunately, I think Ella still has a tough rode in front of her but she’s acquiring a thicker skin and she is learning to put herself first, even above Reed when need be. She is a young woman coming into her own and that is very evident in this book.

I remain intrigued about many of the secondary characters. Easton the most perhaps because he has definitely taken on a starring role in the story for me. But I’m also intrigued by Reed and Easton’s teammate, Liam Hunter, and Ella’s good friend, Val. I confess to loving a great soap opera like story and Broken Prince has that in spades. I was a bit skeptical of the first book but now I am all in and cannot wait to find out what happens. Erin Watt did a great job of picking up small things from the first book and weaving them into this second book. What may have seemed resolved in book one will find new energy in this book, for good and bad.

Broken Prince is just terrific. Be warned, while it does end on a cliff hanger (like the first book), it is still well worth picking up now and treating yourself. I cannot wait to see what Erin Watt has in store in Twisted Palace, coming out in October!

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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