Review: The Good Fight by Julianna Keyes

goodfightThe Good Fight is the third book in Julianna Keyes’ Time Served series. It is a standalone book however even you though first meet Susan in the second book in the series. It also features an incredibly sexy book cover, am I right? Susan Jones and Oscar Hall have chemistry coming out of every pore and it all starts because of a watermelon injury. (You’ll want to read the book for the very first scenes!)

Susan and Oscar have a contentious relationship. Susan wants sex, plain and simple. She is very honest about it. Oscar however is looking for more, even if he is not willing to give up Susan, even if her busy schedule as a doctor means their time together is often limited. Oscar is an accountant who has done the big NYC investment thing already. He is back in his hometown of Camden with his own accounting agency. He is at a place in his life where he wants to make a difference doing something, though he is not sure what.

Oscar is everything one would expect in a great romance hero. He is sexy as all get-out, he has a complicated backstory that makes him vulnerable and well, he knows how to please a woman in bed. I liked his character a lot and enjoyed reading the story through his perspective. That being said, I really loved Susan. She reminded me a bit of myself actually. I’m no doctor but I know I can come off as closed and cold in certain situations. My natural shyness and introvertness work against me. This is NOT Susan’s issue though. She has no trouble being blunt. And she has no major qualms about using Oscar’s natural niceness against him to a degree. Because yes, Susan does something majorly shitty in this book. But given how many books I’ve read where the guy does something shitty to the woman, well, I cannot fault what happens. I just really liked Susan, foibles and all. Julianna Keyes always does a fantastic job of writing women that appeal to me as a reader and The Good Fight definitely exceeded my expectations.

(Also, can I say that I really appreciated that Susan was far from being a perfect mom. She was very imperfect at it in fact. I just really appreciated how her relationship with her twelve-year-old daughter, Dorrie, changed a lot in this book. It wasn’t always easy but I thought by the end of the book, Dorrie and Susan were in a much better place with each other.)

If you are in the mood for a slightly unconventional romance, The Good Fight may be the book for you. Oscar and Susan are very real, very determined people. I thought they ended up being a good pairing. I became fully invested in their relationship and was glad that both characters went the extra effort for each other when it was needed. Julianna Keyes remains one of my new favorite authors. I already cannot wait to see what kinds of interesting and complex characters and stories she comes up with next.

The Good Fight is available now!

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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