Review: Too Wild to Tame by Tessa Bailey


There’s something special about a Tessa Bailey book release day. I know it’s mostly because I just thoroughly enjoy her books so much but it’s also partly sharing in release day joy with other fans. Too Wild to Tame definitely brings out that feeling in me because wow, what a book! I know other Tessa Bailey fans are going to be raving about it too.

Too Wild to Tame by Tessa BaileyI must admit, I was a bit on the fence about reading this book because Aaron Clarkson is a political adviser and I’m a bit (A LOT!) burnt out on politics (I think most Americans share this sentiment). And yes, this book does tackle politics to a degree but it’s just a small sliver of Aaron and Grace’s story. At the very heart of this book is an outstanding romance between these two interesting and complex characters.

Aaron is campaigning hard to be on Senator Pendleton’s staff. He knows he can help the Senator achieve his goal of being President. It’s not as easy as it should be however. Aaron had a recent falling out on his political goals and he has to really press to get back in the Senator’s good graces. It should be easy. Aaron is hardened to politics. He is hardened to life. Or so he thinks. Then he meets Grace, the Senator’s daughter who is rather different from her more conservative family. Grace keeps out of the political spotlight but she does have some goals of her own that she hopes her father’s political presence can help with. But it’s not easy to convince her father to let her accomplish those goals but with Aaron’s help, perhaps she can finally make her goal come true and put something in the past behind her.

There is a lot to like in this book. So much in fact. Grace is a sweet woman with a heart overflowing with joy and unfortunately, a heavy burden she carries. Going into this book, I thought I knew what this burden would end up being but Tessa Bailey really shook me up with its reveal. It ties in so much to her personality and her spirit. Aaron is not much like Grace at all. He is used to political games. He is used to being able to manipulate situations and people to his liking with a few carefully chosen words. Those skills win him no favor with Grace however. Not one iota. And Aaron is baffled because this is a woman he wants, desperately, much as he thinks he needs to deny their attraction. But not even Grace can resist Aaron for long, much as she initially tries.

Tessa Bailey tugs at the emotions with this book. Aaron is a man who projects calm on the

Author Tessa Bailey

Author Tessa Bailey.

surface but he is a turbulent mess of emotions, not only in relation to Grace, but in relation to his family who he has a somewhat rocky relationship with. He seems really suave and to a degree, facetious in certain situations, but truly, still waters run deep in him. I know that is cliche but it holds very true for Aaron. Grace seems like more of an open book but there are depths to her that are peeled back as the story progresses. Tessa Bailey did such a great job of creating two somewhat archetypal romance characters that transform and grow throughout the course of the story.

There are plenty of great Clarkson family moments too. Aaron and Peggy have a really lovely relationship but I admit, it was Aaron and his brother, Belmont, that broke my heart a few times. Lots of hidden emotions between those two.

All in all, this is just a lovely romance. And of course, it includes Tessa’s rather signature brand of dirty talk. Aaron is a CHAMP at it, believe me. I enjoyed every moment of this story, more than the first book by far actually. There is just something special about Grace and Aaron when they are together that I couldn’t help but sigh over.

Too Wild to Tame is available on September 6! Pick it up today.


ARC provided by publisher for review.

Too Wild to Tame is the second book in Tessa Bailey’s Romancing the Clarksons series. Book one, Too Hot To Handle, is available now.

Romancing The Clarksons Series

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