Review: The Goal by Elle Kennedy

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Off-Campus #4

It’s here! It’s here! Tucker’s book! Sabrina’s book! THEIR LOVE STORY. And it is terrific. When this book showed up on my Kindle, I was sadly stuck at work. But inside my head, I was dancing with joy because I knew I would soon be able to dive in.

This book. Oh, this book. I just absolutely loved it. I liked Tucker and Sabrina equally and together, they were about as perfect of a couple as romance land has created. Elle Kennedy, she is a master.

If you read the end of The Score, you know the book ended with a bit of a bombshell. The Goal does not pick up directly at that point. It takes readers through Sabrina and Tucker’s first moments together all the way until Tucker finds out. And this man. He is just about as sexy as it is possible to be. For me, John Tucker is easily the sexiest hero in the Off-Campus series to date. He is my new number one Elle Kennedy hero. And Sabrina is not far behind as a heroine. In fact, I kind of really fell for her too.

Sabrina is tenacious. She is determined. She is smart and ambitious. This girl is going places and right now, her dream is Harvard Law. Nothing will stand in her way, certainly not her body’s pesky reaction to Tucker. (To note: her body’s reaction is to basically go up in flames any time he is in the room.) Sabrina owns her future. She is a hard worker, a good friend to her two besties, and she is not at all afraid to show Tucker how much she can please him. But that’s it. No love or hearts worn on her sleeve.

Tucker wears you down though, in the best way possible. This man is a treasure. He is a Southern gentleman, concerned with his mom and wanting to make her future great. He has a keen sense of business and is eager to use his degree, even if he’s not one hundred percent sure what business to invest in. And he’s a good friend. Hockey isn’t his life, not the way it is for Garrett and Logan, but he loves the time with his friends and the exhilaration of winning.

I don’t want to give too much away so I’m afraid this review has turned into one big love fest from me to Elle Kennedy. I thoroughly enjoyed knowing next to nothing about Tucker and Sabrina’s romance going in and I want the same for anyone else reading this book. I’m afraid this review is going to come off like I didn’t read the book but I promise you, I devoured this story. From start to finish and I can tell you baby’s name if you so desire (but I won’t!).

Truly, Sabrina and Tucker are going to enslave readers. I loved how both of them embrace their connection. I love how Sabrina loves sex, particularly with Tucker. I enjoyed Tucker’s friendships with his teammates, particularly Fitzy, who we get to see a tad bit more of in this book (I’m hoping he will get his own story!). Basically, I’m in love with The Goal and I cannot recommend this book highly enough. (Though I do caution you, while this book The Goal by Elle Kennedytechnically does stand alone, there is something much richer in knowing the back stories of the characters and their connections.)

The Goal is available today! And in fact, it even has a new cover. I’m going to miss the abs covers, personally, but I do see the appeal in this cover too.

Head on over to your favorite bookstore of choice and purchase The Goal today. Elle Kennedy, I dare you to top this amazing story!!

ARC provided by publisher for review.


One thought on “Review: The Goal by Elle Kennedy

  1. Kel September 27, 2016 at 12:39 AM Reply

    Ahhhh, the book downloaded onto my Kindle during work too! I wish work didn’t get in the way of reading. Hopefully I can carve out some time this weekend. I’m so excited!


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