Review: Wound Tight by Tessa Bailey


Made in Jersey #4

Ah, Tessa Bailey. You never let me down. I swear your romances are made of gold. They just outshine so much of what is on the romance market. Wound Tight is no different. This is Tessa Bailey’s first m/m romance and it proves to be pretty darn perfect.

Renner is seen as the uptight, closed-off factory owner to most of the residents of Hook, New Jersey. He isn’t seen as approachable, that’s for sure. Except for one person. Milo Bautista is not at all afraid of Renner. In fact, he seems to have a certain affinity for Renner. And Renner, well he cannot keep his eyes off of Milo.

Milo is just starting to recognize his feelings for men but he never believes that Renner could ever reciprocate his feelings. To say he is wrong is putting it lightly. Renner is interested. Majorly interested. But he doesn’t believe he is worthy of Milo. And that is a mistake on Renner’s part.

This romance is just sizzling. I know that is kind of an overused term when it comes to romance books but it is the truth in this case. Renner and Milo just sizzle together. Every time they are on the same page (which fortunately, is most of the book!) they just connect. It is visceral and moving because both men have hang-ups that make them believe they are not lovable.

Though Milo worries that the differences in lifestyle will drive them apart, and to an extent, it is a hang-up, Renner is quick to prove that he doesn’t give a damn whether Milo is rich or poor. He just wants him. Renner (though he won’t admit it) loves how Milo takes care of him. Renner has a heart issue and Milo is quick to make sure that Renner takes his medicine. I found their give and take in helping each other to be very sweet and yep, you called it, sexy.

There is a scene in the epilogue that really just blows me away in showing how much these two have come to mean to each other. It is incredibly hot but also just purely romantic. These two connect and hate being away from each other. They are soul mates in my mind. They found the person that completes them and neither Renner or Milo has any attention of letting go.  Tessa Bailey wows with Wound Tight. This is a book that will stay with you long after its over. That is the kind of impact that Milo and Renner have on each other and frankly, have on the reader (at least this reader). Wound Tight is available now. If you’ve never read a m/m love story, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. And the great thing is, you don’t even have to have read the first three books in the Made in Jersey series (though they are pretty darn terrific too).

Set some time aside during your day and dig into Wound Tight. You won’t regret it.

ARC provided by publisher for review.


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