Review: Worth the Wait by Claudia Connor

Worth the Wait by Claudia ConnorBack in 2015, I read Claudia Connor’s Worth the Risk and while I really liked the main couple in the book, it was two side characters whose story I really wanted to hear. Mia and Nick had a rocky past, that much was evident. Well, it took some time but Claudia Connor finally has released Nick and Mia’s story in Worth the Wait.

When Nick discovers that his sister, Hannah, has begun seeing his ex, Mia, as her therapist, he is shocked. He hasn’t seen Mia in ten years. Not since Mia walked out on him after some cruel words. Nick doesn’t know how to feel. What he had with Mia was out of this world but so much happened between when they met in college and when they started their careers. Nick became increasingly closed-off and unable to communicate with Mia. And Mia, she felt lost and like Nick blamed her for the kidnapping of his sister, Hannah. Their once promising relationship ended with a brutal bang.

Now in the present, Mia is very conflicted about her feelings about seeing Nick again. Add to that the fact that she hasn’t processed the loss of her adopted daughter, and Mia is a big ball of emotions. Nick never thought he’d have the chance to be with Mia again. He can’t get her out of his mind and he wonders if there is a possibility for them to try again. But can either of them ever put their complicated past behind them?

I want to start by saying that I think it is important to read Worth the Risk before this book. So much of what Nick feels and deals with in Worth the Wait begins in Worth the Risk. The two stories are very entwined, especially within say the first quarter of the book. It’s not like you won’t understand what is going on but I feel like your understanding of Nick and Mia will be richer if you have read Hannah’s book.

The book starts off by going back and forth from the past to the present. Claudia Connor makes this work pretty well. I never felt confused but part of me wished all the past information had just been contained in something like a “Part 1” of the book. But that’s a personal reader preference. I do truly believe Connor did a good job entwining these elements.

This is a heavy story. I cried during a lot of it. Mia and Nick both have really personal emotional burdens facing them. It was a tough read for me because I felt so strongly for these characters. I felt their pain and loss very acutely. Claudia Connor brings her A-game when it comes to the emotional bond between Mia and Nick. It is strong, despite the pain and the loss these two have shared together.

While the book ends on a happy note, it is kind of bittersweet too. Part of me kept hoping that Mia would get her adopted child back which I know is unrealistic but man, this woman has been through a lot of tough things. I just wanted a win for her.

I liked this book but it’s not a book I can see myself re-reading easily. Too much pain. If you’re in the mood for a satisfying cry though I can wholeheartedly recommend Worth the Wait. I’m still very excited for what future books Claudia Connor has up her sleeve. I’m hoping to see more of the Walker brothers. Claudia Connor did a great job of bringing the Walker family to life and I really enjoyed the complicated relationships between Nick and his three brothers. And the relationship between Nick and Hannah is top-notch.

This books is available on January 10, 2017. I think if you’ve enjoyed other Claudia Connor stories in the past, Worth the Wait will be a satisfying story for you.

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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