Review: Dirty Money by Jessica Clare

Dirty Money by Jessica Clare

Roughneck Billionaires #1

I’m going to be completely forthright: Dirty Money is already one of my favorite books of 2017. Jessica Clare has outdone herself. This book is addictive! Truly, Jessica Clare has written a hero that hits every single button for me. I thought I loved her various billionaire books before but this book! OH THIS BOOK.

Boone Price is rich. Mega, super duper billionaire rich. Boone along with his brothers are big in the oil business and it has treated them well. Now Boone wants to show off his money because he’s tired of being treated like dirt by certain people in Texas. First things first, he’s going to acquire a realtor. When Boone sees Ivy Smithfield in an advertisement for a real estate firm, he decides right then and there that is who he wants. And Boone always gets what he wants. Ivy’s gorgeous looks and genteel manners have Boone convinced that she is the perfect woman to elevate him in society.

There is just one small problem. Ivy isn’t rich. She isn’t refined. She isn’t classy. Her veneer appeals to Boone but will he want her once he realizes she lives in a trailer and her roots are as poor as him? Ivy is struggling to make ends meet. She wants to send her sister to college and that means making real estate work. Boone’s commission is just what she needs but the more time she spends with him, the more time she wants to be honest and hope that he will love her just for who she really is.

First let me start by saying this book is DIRTY. The title fits this book very well! Boone is sex on a stick. He lavishes Ivy with attention. He yearns for intimacy with her even as she withholds the truth from him. And um, he likes to have sex with her, as often as possible. And his favorite thing to do involves his beard between her thighs. And Ivy LOVES it. Jessica Clare, I raise a glass to you because DAMN. Boone is a dream man.

I really liked Ivy a lot too though. She is doing her darn best to make a better life for herself and her sister. She is a hard worker, she is kind, and just a nice woman. I loved how Boone fell hard for her because well, Ivy could be an ordinary, every day woman. Someone I could see being friends with. It was wonderful seeing her get the special treatment from Boone because well, it’s kind of nice to see a hardworking woman get a truly off the charts hot guy.

I just really and truly loved this book. It is sweet, it is FUNNY. Jessica Clare has done great writing in Dirty Money. The dialog between Boone and Ivy is romantic, sweet, sexy, and tender. The dialog between Boone and his brothers is just what you’d expect from a group of men from humble roots who now have the world at their feet. And… there are some really funny scenes overall. You may never think of fire in quite the same way.

Anyway, my advice for 2017 is buy Dirty Money because if you love a hot, sexy romance with two characters who are just fabulous alone and even better together? You’re going to love this book. I truly cannot recommend it highly enough.

Dirty Money is available for purchase on January 17.

ARC provided by publisher.


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