Review: Tempting Her Neighbor by Laura Jardine

Tempting Her Neighbor by Laura JardineTempting Her Neighbor is a sweet and sexy new novella from Laura Jardine. Rachel Malone has lived in the super small town of Georgeville all her life. She has dreamed of moving away but admits to herself she is a bit scared. There is a small comfort to being around the people she has known all her life. Unfortunately, one of the main downsides to that is that is definitely hard to meet a man. When Rachel gets a new neighbor, she sees her chance to have a hot fling before she leaves town.

Cole moved to Georgeville to escape big city life. He wants to be left alone to his curmudgeonly ways. With Rachel as his neighbor however, he is very distracted. She is friendly and sweet to him, bringing him a lasagna and offering more than food too. Cole hasn’t had much luck with women and he really does not want Rachel to fall for him because he just wants to be left alone. Their attraction is strong though and soon they are spending more and more time in bed together and it feels good to both of them. But something this good cannot last forever, especially when Rachel is finally ready to take the chance and leave her small town behind forever.

I really, really liked Rachel. She is sweet and just a nice all around woman. And oh yeah, she happens to really enjoy sex, which, in a small town has gotten her a bad reputation. She does not like hearing men talk about her behind her back. Like any woman, it just does not feel good. I appreciated her honesty with Cole in the fact that she was just looking for a fling.

Of course, like any romance story, a fling is easier said than done. Cole falls pretty hard for Rachel, really quickly. It’s kind of an insta-love situation but I really appreciated that Cole embraced the fact that he was in love. He was not expecting it by any means but he is ready go all out with his new feelings.

Tempting Her Neighbor is definitely more of a novella than a full story so the pace of the story is quick, quick, quick. Rachel and Cole meet, they fall into bed, and soon enough they are examining their feelings. Laura Jardine gives the story enough emotional heft that, for me, I was able to believe into their new found feelings together. Additionally, I liked the time jump at the end. It fit their characters without it being a totally perfect happy ever after quite yet. After all, these two are still getting to know each other in many ways.

Laura Jardine is a new-to-me author but I’m excited to give her another chance. Tempting Her Neighbor features a woman who embraces and enjoys her sexuality. That is a character I can get behind!

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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