Review: Silver Silence by Nalini Singh


I am super excited to be talking about Nalini Singh’s upcoming book, Silver Silence. This is the newest book in the Psy-Changeling series and it begins a whole new era of the series. I don’t want to give much away because, as with most Nalini Singh titles, the fun is in sitting down and reading the story yourself, but here are a few of my favorite aspects of the Silver Silence.

The changeling bears. Oh man, oh man, oh man. I loved the bear clan big time. Valentin Nikolaev is the alpha of the StoneWater bears and he is just something. He is sweet and sexy and pretty clearly in love with Silver. He is a true Gentleman Bear (a phrase which will make more sense once you read the book). When Silver is poisoned, he is at the top of his game in getting her help. He feels anxiety and misery seeing her suffering. Frankly, this man’s big crush on Silver just leaps off the page.

I also really liked Silver. I’ve been interested in her character since she was introduced9781101987797_Silver Silence awhile back as Kaleb’s assistant. This woman is smart, charismatic, and deadly. She has a really interesting family background which was, for me, quite different than the Psy backstories of books in the first part of the Psy-Changeling experience. I especially love the connection between Silver and her brother. It is quite clear they share a bond that is different from a lot of psy siblings. In fact, the entire dynamics of the Mercant clan is quite interesting.

I will say, the parts that were of least interest to me related to all the political machinations. I realize they are important to move the story forward but I just really wanted to spend more time in DenHome with Silver and Valentin.

I do not recommend starting with Silver Silence if you are new to Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series. As wonderful as this book is (and for me, it’s top-notch), it just will not make much sense if you don’t have the back story of what came before for the Psy. There are a plethora of secondary characters from previous books mentioned to that play a big role and again, you’d be cheating yourself if you missed out on how their stories developed.

Nalini Singh proves once again that she is one of best voices writing in the romance business. I fall more and more in love with her characters each time I read her stories. There is a vibrancy to her writing that I really connect with. She is passionate about her characters and that shows in each story. Valentin and Silence seemed inevitable from the moment I met them in the book and I’m so glad to say that I connected with their journey from start to finish.

Silver Silence will be available on June 13, 2017!

ARC provided by publisher for review.



One thought on “Review: Silver Silence by Nalini Singh

  1. Kel June 14, 2017 at 11:19 PM Reply

    Ahhhh, I’m so excited for this! I’m still reading Allegiance of Honor but this is definitely next on my list!


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