Review: My Roommate’s Girl by Julianna Keyes


myroommatesI am starting to realize a lot of my favorite writers right now are Canadian. Julianna Keyes makes the list hands down! When she surprised all her readers with My Roommate’s Girl, I was thrilled. A new book from an author I love? YES! A total surprise?? Even cooler.

Aidan has just moved in with Jerry, his new roommate. Jerry is pretty much an all around nice guy, unlike Aidan who has a past with quite the rap sheet. He is in his third year of college now and things are finally coming together for him. Until he meets Aster, Jerry’s girlfriend. And then, well, he falls hard and wants her NOW. Which is hard because obviously she is Jerry’s girlfriend. But Aidan may be slightly reformed but he’s not a nice guy (at least in his mind). He is determined to break them up and have Aster for himself.

And he does. But it doesn’t quite go as he expected, or how I as the reader expected either which is good because I wanted to be able to like and root for Aidan. Which you know, I can’t do if he is a down and out jerk. But he is not! He is just a little bit diabolical.

When Aster and Jerry break up, she is blindsided by his infidelity. But somehow she keeps running into Aidan and soon, a tentative friendship (with the possibility of more) is growing between them. Aster has secrets in her own past, things I didn’t quite expect honestly. But it made her an interesting and thoughtful character.

Aidan has some tough choices to make in this book, beyond just trying to be with Aster. Shades of his past come back to haunt him and he has to decide how he will proceed. Will he lose Aster over wrong choices? I don’t want to give anything away but I feel like the Chris Pine like cover does not do Aidan justice. Sure, he is hot but there’s a lot riding on his college experience, more than perhaps most young adults have to deal with.

Aster and Aidan do not have a perfect romance at all. It’s pretty imperfect all around but that is what makes it interesting, at least to me. AND another great joy in this book is the introduction of Frisbee Baseball. Is this a thing in real life? I don’t know but I had a lot of fun reading about it in the book.

Julianna Keyes writes books with a great combination of thoughtful character development and real world fallout. Nothing goes exactly as planned for Aidan in this book but I think he becomes a more interesting guy for it when all is said and done. He’s not the bad guy but he definitely has a little bit of the anti-hero to him which kept me reading. I’d say this is definitely his story, more so than Aster’s, who, while likeable, remained a bit more distant to me as a character.

My Roommate’s Girl is available now and it is well worth your reading money. Julianna Keyes strikes awesomeness again!

ARC provided by author for review.

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