Review: Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen

I was super excited for Brooklynaire. Full stop excited. I have to say though, the realityNew BROOKLYNAIRE AMAZON of it surpassed my expectations in every way. I devoured this book as fast as it was possible for me to read (and lately that’s not very fast sadly). Sarina Bowen just absolutely WOWED me with this love story. The anticipation I had for this couple was high and even still, I fell completely hard for their love story.

Brooklynaire is the store of Nate Kattenberger, a billionaire tech CEO. He has humble beginnings and his assistant, Rebecca, is part of that. She signed on when his empire was a small office location with decorations that rivaled a frat house. There was a lot of ping-pong, a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. All that has changed however. Rebecca has been put in charge of managing the Brooklyn Bruisers, Nate’s hockey team. His decision to remove her from her original role as assistant two years ago has always stumped her. She worries she did something wrong. Little does she know.

Nate has become obsessed with Becca. He lusts after her constantly so having her in his immediate work environment just wasn’t well… working anymore. But even having her manage the Bruisers is too close. And recently, his lust has mingled with worry. After a fall on the ice where she hit her head, Becca has been slow to recover. She is worried and Nate is super worried. He gently coerces her into seeing a specialist where a different diagnosis emerges. Becca is having vestibular problems (go ahead and Google) and will need several weeks of therapy. She also needs quiet and peace so Nate invites her to stay at his Brooklyn mansion. Having her under his roof is like a dream come true but he wishes it wasn’t for this reason. He doesn’t like seeing Becca in pain.

Soon enough, Nate can’t keep his lust under check. And when a trip to Florida exposes mutual feelings, he is ready to move full-steam ahead into a relationship. Becca is feeling quite a bit more cautious however. Can he convince her that what they could have together is worth overcoming any obstacles?

Love. Love. Love. That’s how I felt about this book, for numerous reasons! My mom suffered from vestibular problems in 2016 and it was nerve-wracking as heck. An inner ear infection totally disrupted her vestibular system and she had to deal with several of the therapies Becca tackles in the book. She was off of work for a long time because her balance was so off she couldn’t drive or walk safely. This disorder is no joke. Sarina Bowen did a great job of researching and capturing what it is like to be suffering from vestibular issues.

And well, when it comes to the romance, it is top-notch all the way. I fully understood and respected Becca’s reservations about becoming involved with Nate. The work situation itself is tough but throw in the fact that Nate is one of her closest friends AND that he is a billionaire, well, it’s a bit intimidating. Becca does not want to lose Nate as a friend. On the other hand, one taste of a deeper relationship with Nate has Becca wanting more. There is a real push-pull tension in this story that I enjoyed.

The one minor problem I had with this book regarded Becca’s injury. I don’t understand why she had to pay for therapy because to me, it seemed like a work place injury. I’ve re-read the scene a couple of times and Becca mentions she is bringing something onto the ice for a coworker. Even if she wasn’t officially on the clock, it just seemed like it should be a workerman’s comp scenario. Is that true in a privately held corporation though? I work in the public sector and I know the rules can be different. And even though Nate eventually corrects the situation so Becca is not paying for her therapy, I just felt it was strange. It added an unnecessary burden to her life.

That is my small qualm though. I loved how sexy this book is from start to finish. I really loved seeing the development of Nate and Becca’s friendship and working relationship. There is a scene with “So. Cat tacos?” that just warms my heart. It is the beginning to a beautiful future.

Brooklynaire is available February 12, 2018. Pre-order now because once this drops on your Kindle, you will be hooked!

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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