Review: Lake Silence by Anne Bishop


The Others #6

I am a big fan of Anne Bishop’s The Others series. It’s one of those paranormal series that has next to no romance but somehow, for me it is incredibly readable and enjoyable. I absolutely love the world that Anne Bishop has created. You can find the series listing here if you’re interested. This is a series that in my mind, should be read in order because it really helps set the stage for Lake Silence. These are different characters than the original five novels so in that sense you are starting with a clean slate.

Also of note, this is not a romance book. It is paranormal/urban fantasy so if that’s your jam, you may enjoy this story.

Vicki DeVine is happy to be in a new place after her divorce. She didn’t get much out of the divorce (which she is more than fine with), just the Jumble, a resort on Lake Silence. She has been renovating it and making it livable again. She is a bit nervous that it is controlled by the Others but she is open to making friends and community with them. At least until one of her lodgers discovers a dead body and suddenly her new home is becoming anything but welcoming. At least, it’s becoming unwelcoming by her fellow humans (of course). Suddenly, she is being accused of a murder she definitely did not do and she has no idea how to get out of this mess. Thankfully, the Others step in and offer assistance and the situation goes from complicated to more complicated but working with the Others ensures that Vicki will get to the bottom of what is going on.

My favorite aspect of these stories is the world building. I love getting to know the many creatures and entities that make up the Others. I don’t mind the humans obviously and I quite liked Vicki. She is a sweet woman who is rebuilding her life. Her ex-husband was cruel to her in every way possible so Vicki doesn’t always have the best self-image but I really liked how this new job and role with the Others was helping her to find herself again. Obviously this is not an overnight change but as the story progresses, Vicki takes control of her life and she proves that she is not someone to be walked over.

One of my favorite aspects of the Others stories are the disaster scenes. That may not be the right terminology but the scenes I love the most are when the Others are in attack mode and are protecting their territory and tearing humans apart for their awful behaviors. These types of scenes are included in Lake Silence so don’t despair if you, much like me, enjoys the disaster scenes. I think of it as nature restoring order.

I know there aren’t a ton of details in this review but for me, much of the fun of this series is reading and getting to know the characters, human and Others. I think Anne Bishop does a good job with this first book after the original five. Yes, there are new characters but a few familiar faces pop up also. No, this book isn’t quite as good as the Meg Corbyn books (at least to me) but I can’t say I regret visiting the world of the Others. I enjoy getting immersed in their world for an afternoon!

ARC provided by Netgalley.

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