Review: Good Girl by Jana Aston

goodastonI was super duper excited when I was approved to review Jana Aston’s new book, Good Girl. I’ve enjoyed all of her books pretty much but I found myself even more eager for a new book from her since it’s been too long. Well, I was not disappointed! Jana Aston’s wit and humor shine in this sexy story.

Lydia has just moved to Las Vegas with her best friend, Payton. They are both employed at a new casino, The Windsor, that is opening soon. Lydia majored in human resources and is very excited to get into the nitty gritty (read: paperwork) that comes with her job. She’s a bit of a goody-two-shoes but not in an annoying way. Rather, I found her personality rather sweet.

On the weekend before she begins her job, Payton dares her to kiss a random guy at the bar they are at. Lydia decides to go for it and ends up kissing Rhys (pronounced Reese which I did not know when I was reading this, but Jana Aston’s FB page confirmed). She is struck mute by the kiss and wants more with this mystery guy so she is thrilled to see him at the Windsor in the coffee break area for fourth floor employees. Except, she soon learns that Rhys is not just any random guy. He is the owner of the Windsor, the one making all decisions about the casino. Basically though he’s not her direct boss, he’s her boss.

She is flummoxed that he doesn’t want to investigate the chemistry between them so when Payton tells her that Rhys fetish is paying for women, well, Lydia concocts a plan that could only happen in Las Vegas. It definitely gets them together but it is not a fool-proof relationship making plan as Lydia discovers.

Rhys and Lydia are magnetic together! I enjoyed their interactions from the very beginning of the book. Lydia is very earnest. She used to be a Girl Trooper and stayed with the program until her graduation from high school. She earned every badge available. On top of that, Lydia enjoys sewing and creating her own pajamas. Payton realizes her friend needs to come out of her shell just a tiny bit so she challenges her with home made “Girl Trooper” badges. Such as “Blow Job” and “Butt Stuff”. It is admittedly a tiny bit juvenile but Lydia is only twenty-two and hasn’t really had a serious relationship yet. I personally found it a lot of fun! I liked how Payton and Lydia had such a strong friendship that they could tease each other like this without making each other feel bad.

Rhys doesn’t think he is good enough for Lydia. He thinks he is soiled because of his past with women. Lydia is quick to disabuse him of that notion however. She just wants him, plain and simple. One Rhys gets Lydia in his life, he can’t help wanting more though. She is determined not to take up too much of his time, knowing how busy he is with the opening of the casino, but Rhys wants to spend time with Lydia. He enjoys her absorption with House Hunters.

There are a plethora of secondary characters in this book that I am hoping will get their own stories down the road. I already know Payton and Vince (you’ll meet him in this story. I’m not going to spoil his introduction) will be getting a story but I’m definitely interested in Rhys’ head of security, Canon.

This book has just a really fun vibe to it. The Las Vegas setting plays a great role for Lydia and Rhys to get to know each other. The saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is the perfect beginning mantra for these two characters until they both realize they want so much more than a tryst or fling.

Good Girl is available now from Amazon and it’s worth every penny!

ARC provided by author for review.


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