Review: Dirty Bastard by Jessica Clare

dirtybastaradMy love of rough and tumble heroes continues with Jessica Clare’s newest book, Dirty Bastard, the third book in her Roughneck Billionaires series. Whenever a new Jessica Clare book appears on my Kindle, I just about jump up and down. She’s just one of those writers that I connect with.

This is the story of Knox Price and Lexi Brandon. They were introduced in the second book in the series, Dirty Scoundrel. Well, this time it’s all Lexi and Knox. They are quite the odd pairing in some ways, but in others they fit together really well.

Knox considers himself the odd man out in his family. While he loves his brothers, he isn’t super close to any of them. And with the recent death of his youngest brother, well Knox finds his foundations shaken to their core. Meeting Lexi during a family tubing trip provided him with more enjoyment and pleasure than any of his usual life choices. Though Lexi is a bit older than him, he does not care one bit. And well, Lexi’s world is kind of falling apart around her too so she is throwing caution to the wind and taking Knox to bed.

Only, even though Lexi thought she was protected, it turns out she was not. And now she is pregnant. And her yoga studio in her small town is failing and oh yeah, she’s got a stalker in a local firefighter who won’t leave her alone. Adding a pregnancy on top of all of that is exhausting but Lexi knows she wants to keep the baby.

And when Knox finds out? Well he knows he is more sure than ever that Lexi is destined to be with him. He just has to convince her.

Lexi and Knox are dramatically different from the previous couples in this series. For starters, there seems to be a bit more drama around them, drama neither of them wants. Also, they are virtual strangers but somehow they feel a deep connection to each other. Lexi feels a bit adrift lately. Her best friend recently got married and moved away. Her yoga studio, which she loves, isn’t doing so well. Lexi isn’t much of a people person unfortunately. (This made me really connect with her, FYI. I too am not much of a people person.) In Lexi, Knox sees a kindred soul.

As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the sexy times. Jessica Clare is no slacker when it comes to bedroom scenes. But all in all, it is the clashing yet equally matching personalities of Knox and Lexi that kept me invested in the story. I really adored how hard Knox fell for Lexi. It’s a bit insta-love but I went with it. My one small qualm is that I wish Lexi hadn’t tried to handle her stalker on her own. I know she felt isolated given that this man knew police officers and firefighters who would back him up rather than Lexi but I genuinely felt scared for her. So, I wish that storyline had been handled a bit differently.

But all in all, when it comes to true love and two characters clashing, Lexi and Knox definitely kept me intrigued and eager to see the conclusion to their love story.

Dirty Bastard is available today!

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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