Review: Making Up by Lucy Parker


London Celebrities #3

It’s time for a new Lucy Parker book! She is an author who has been on my radar since I finished her first story, Act Like It. With each new book, she delivers a compelling and lovely romance.

Trix is a successful circus artist. She has an important role in a West End production and enjoys it. Recently, things have become a bit shaken up in her life, both personally and professionally. One of the leads of the production fell during an aerial stunt and hurt herself. Trix now has a chance to take over that role but it’s far from how she ever wanted to move up in the production. And well, frankly, she’s not sure if she’s even up to it. Her confidence is badly broken from a verbally abusive relationship. She wants to be herself again but she isn’t sure how to even get there. Enter Leo Magasiva, her nemesis.

Leo isn’t even surprised to be working on a show with Trix. Like a bad penny, she just turns up. Unfortunately, his career is also in shambles. Leo is a very talented makeup artist but one of his recent jobs did not go well. An allergic reaction has him on the outs of the community. The job with the circus company is just temporary as he is hoping to win a big makeup artist contest.

Trix has never gotten over hearing Leo talk badly about her as a teenager. (This may be my only hangup with the story, how long she held on to this grudge.) The story settles into itself really nicely once the air clears between Leo and Trix. Their relationship is romantic, sexy, and complex. Neither of them is at a great time in their life for a relationship, especially one that is already creating big emotions.

This book pulled me in quick. I really liked learning about Trix’s job. It’s clear yet again that Lucy Parker does great research because I found both the circus world (not a typical circus, more like cirque du soleil) and Leo’s job as a makeup artist master to be fascinating. The behind the scenes peek into making these stage performers come to life for audiences was really well done.

I also really, really loved how Leo and Trix bonded over their love of fandom, in this case a made-up show and book series called Galaxy Agent. As a person who has fallen in love with many fandoms, this made my day. I love a little geek in my books!

At the heart of it though, I really enjoyed watching these two characters support each other and work together. Trix is at a real low point in her life and Leo comes along to help push and poke her into finding her confidence again. Of course, he is not the real catalyst. That is Trix one hundred percent. But Leo is there for her every step of the way. As for Trix, she is equally supportive of Leo. He is hoping to reclaim his career but at the same time he is dealing with some family drama in the form of his sister, Cat, who has become an angry young woman seemingly overnight. Trix is there to reassure him that this too shall pass.

Making Up is another lovely story from Lucy Parker. If you haven’t seen the artwork depicting her characters yet, be sure to visit her website. I really love the illustrations of the characters and Trix and Leo in particular are captured so beautifully.

Making Up is available now! You do not want to delay on this book. And while you’re at it, be sure to check out the first two books in the London Celebrities series too if you haven’t had the chance. You will not regret it.

ARC provided by Netgalley.

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