Review: Laying Pipe by Kate Allure

layingpipeI’m going to be frank. I really wanted to like this book. A lot. I wanted to enjoy it because it features a librarian! But… I found myself letdown more than thrilled by the romance of Laying Pipe.

Lexie runs the local library. It is…. not really a library like I’ve worked at but I’ve tried to forgive that. It’s the way things happens with librarians in romance books. Not always the most accurate portrayals. On top of running the library, Lexie is renovating the house she purchased to turn it into a B&B. It’s a great goal and something that makes her happy. Unfortunately, well, we’ve all seen enough episodes of various HGTV shows to know that no renovation goes smoothly. And that is just the case when water starts gushing down the sides of her house walls. Not good.

When she calls in a plumber, the man who answers the call just happens to man she kissed at the library earlier in the day. Joe Van der Meer is intrigued by Lexie. She is definitely into him. Let the sexual fun begin.

I never really connected to these characters and their attraction to each other. I’m not sure what it is exactly but I never got pulled into their romance. I definitely appreciated what Lexie was working towards with the B&B. I always admire a hardworking person, but when it came to Joe and Lexie, I felt rather meh overall. It was disappointing to say the least.

I think I wanted to see these characters bare themselves to each other in honest ways and I’m not sure that ever happened for me.

Not a bad book. I didn’t hate it at all. Unfortunately, Laying Pipe fell into the just average romance category for me.

Definitely be sure to check out some of the other reviews on Goodreads to see if Laying Pipe is the right book for you! I firmly believe every book has its perfect reader.

Laying Pipe is available now.

ARC provided by publisher.

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