Review: It Takes Two by Jenny Holiday


Bridesmaids Behaving Badly #2

Wedding romance books can be awesome or horrible I’ve found. Fortunately, It Takes Two definitely falls into the fun and enjoyable side for me. This is the second book in Jenny Holiday’s Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series. I admit, I didn’t finish the first one. I just lost interest part way through. That is not the case for Wendy and Noah’s story however.

Wendy Liu is best friends with Jane Denning, the bride-to-be. She is both excited and apprehensive about Jane’s wedding because she knows things will never be the same between them as friends. There’s another reason for Wendy’s apprehension. All the wedding festivities means that Jane’s brother, Noah, will be back in town. Wendy hasn’t seen Noah since high school when he stood her up at the prom. She’s never forgiven him and does all she can to avoid him. Unfortunately, that just isn’t possible with the wedding gearing up.

Wendy and Noah are both lawyers. They both are runners. Noah is very attracted to Wendy but he also knows he doesn’t want to ruin their relationship, or what he perceives as their relationship. As the wedding proceeds, he grows closer to Wendy again but doesn’t understand the walls she is putting up. When a bet regarding the upcoming bachelor and bachelorette parties turns their simmering attraction into reality, Noah and Wendy both have to decide how they want to proceed.

There is something super powerful about this book that drew me in instantly. I really enjoyed the frenemy aspect of it that Wendy sees in her relationship with Noah. They banter and bicker and it starts off not quite sexual but yeah… it moves there in a really fun way. Wendy has been hurt a lot in the past. She hasn’t had an easy life and neither has Noah. That fact bonds them in ways that are unexpected and comforting.

I really liked Wendy. I love her adventurous personality. I appreciated her love for travel and new experiences. I really understood her devotion to her aunt, her remaining family, and wanted to hug her during some tumultuous moments of health for her aunt. I also really enjoyed the friendship between Wendy and Jane. It makes me want to sit down and read Jane’s story now with a fresh eye.

There is a static, crackly feeling throughout this entire book whenever Wendy and Noah are on the same page. It really draws you in and keeps you riveted on their romance. Falling in love was not easy for either of them but then, it became one of the easiest things they’ve ever done. This book left me with a happy sigh at the end.

(In fact, I enjoyed this book so much I don’t think this review adequately expresses that. But the tl;dr version is this book is worth your money and your reading time. It’s a friends to lovers story, of sorts, but also, SO MUCH more.)

It Takes Two is available now!

ARC provided by publisher for review.

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