Review: Hard Place by Emily Goodwin

copy-of-hard-place-ebookHard Place by Emily Goodwin is the first book in a two part continuing story. It stars Harper, a struggling single mother of twins, who is doing her best to give her young daughters, Penny and Violet, a better life. It also features Alex Harding, a workaholic who becomes her new boss. They are attracted to each other but both no that acting on that chemistry is a big no-no.

Unfortunately for Harper, their lives keep intersecting. Alex is the uncle of a boy who attends the same private school as her two daughters. Of course, Harper’s girls are there on scholarships, Alex’s nephew not so much. As they work together, they start to get to know each other and respect and admiration grow. But they come from different worlds and Alex has a playboy reputation. Can Harper risk it all on him?

First, this book does end on a cliff-hanger and will be completed with a second book. I liked this story. It doesn’t break any new romance ground but if you enjoy office romances, as I do, and you don’t mind kids as part of a book, I think you will like Hard Place. I liked that it took awhile for Harper and Alex to really connect but once they let down their guard, something serious develops. It isn’t easy for either of them to trust. Emily Goodwin gives some very tangible reasons for why which I won’t spoil.

I liked the chemistry between these characters. I liked the friendship Harper has with her best friend and I liked the relationship between Alex and his sister and her family. Harper and Alex do not exist in a static vacuum only to be around each other. They have real lives and that shows on the page.

I am curious to see where the second story leads since this book definitely ends with a cliff-hanger. If that is not your thing, I would wait until the duology is completed.

Hard Place is available now to purchase or for free in Kindle Unlimited.

ARC provided by publicist.

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