Review: A Lucky Shot by Nikky Kaye

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Lucy is at her first ever hockey game when a sexy man comes on to her. She’s instantly smitten and the chemistry between them is off the charts. She doesn’t know who he is though. He’s a hockey legend, Beckett “Beck” Hallstrom. Their chemistry is so strong that before she quite realizes what is happening, Lucy is all over Beck, and vice versa.

This is definitely an insta-love romance but it was a sexy and uncomplicated one that was a good way to spend an hour. Lucy is being described as Beck’s “lucky charm” in hockey (he’s no longer a player, rather works for a team in a scheduling and support position) and while she isn’t thrilled with the title, she definitely enjoys spending time with Beck.

There are a few small arguments along the way but ultimately these two find true joy and sex (lots and lots of sex!) in each other. There is one scene I was not a fan of, early on in their romance where Beck basically uses Lucy to hopefully have his team score a goal. It wasn’t the most attractive element to his character that’s for sure. But he groveled and he treated her better throughout the course of the book so I was willing to let it go since Lucy also forgave him.

A Lucky Shot is my first Nikky Kaye book. I am intrigued enough to look into her other stories now!

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A LUCKY SHOT by Nikky Kaye

Available Now | A Contemporary Standalone

Book Blurb:

He started it, but I’m going to finish.

Beckett Hallstrom is a rich, smirking, climbable treehouse of a man, with all the cockiness that comes with being a sports celebrity.

Had I known who he was, I might have asked for a time-out.

Instead, I’m falling hard for an older man who was a high scorer when I was still in pigtails.

He couldn’t keep me a secret if he tried–which he doesn’t really want to. Now, the whole city is convinced that our budding relationship will make or break his team’s playoff dreams.

I’ve heard that hockey players are superstitious, but Beck wants to keep me in his pocket and rub me like a rabbit’s foot. ♥

I’m a lucky girl, right? Or am I just getting played?

A LUCKY SHOT is a steamy, standalone sports romance novella about getting swept up in the action. Body checking is allowed!


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Nikky Kaye likes to read and write feverish, fearless books for your funny boner, such as A Model Fiancé and the Billionaire Book Club series. A former college professor, she has worked with movie stars and the United Nations—but prefers happy endings. She has young twin boys, loves living where there are four distinct seasons but loathes getting out of bed, has a terrible addiction to diet cola, and hates talking about herself in the third person.


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