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Review: Three’s a Crowd by Everly Ashton

Three’s a Crowd by Everly Ashton hit the spot for me as a reader! I love a frenemy type story and this has that aspect in spades, at least at first. Fiona is not happy that her best friend’s older brother, Keane, is forced to move in but she can hardly deny him a room when a fire destroyed a lot of his apartment for the time being. He needs to live somewhere after all.

Keane isn’t thrilled to be living with his sister and her best friend either but he has bigger things on his mind. He has the opportunity to help launch a new restaurant with his current boss, Jacques. Keane needs to come up with $200,000 and the dream of creating his own menus and being the head chef with his skills could be his. Unfortunately, the location that Keane and Jacques are looking at also happens to be considered for historical building status and Fiona is on the opposite side of Keane. The sparks are about to fly.

It is obvious from the beginning that the constant bickering between Keane and Fiona is a cover-up for deeper feelings. And while it can be a bit tedious in the beginning, it isn’t long before I was rooting for these two. They are both passionate about their work (Fiona works with the homeless) and Keane is determined to prove himself as a chef. I liked how slowly but surely as they lived with each other, they let their guard down. There are a lot of good moments of growing intimacy and tenderness that shows they have the capacity to make a relationship work. They also are definitely enjoying each other in the bedroom! Unfortunately there are a few classic communication mistakes along the way and the appearance of an one-night stand in Keane’s life. These plot turns aren’t anything new but I feel like the author handles them well. Annabelle, the one-night stand, isn’t totally villainized anyway.

Three’s a Crowd kept my attention and introduced me to a new author I am intrigued by. I would like to read about Marlowe’s happy ending in the next book.

Release Date: March 1




Damn, the man has the body of a god. Like a real-life statue of David or something. It’s unfair that someone so annoying looks so delicious.


Keane and I have been enemies since childhood. 


He thinks I’m a Goody 
Two-shoes and I think he’s an arrogant a$$hole.
Years later nothing’s changed except the fact that we’re cohabitating in the same apartment along with his sister, who’s also my best friend.

Even though I’m fighting like hell to keep the city from tearing down the building he wants to replace with a new restaurant, we somehow find ourselves doing the horizontal mambo.

Maybe it’s the magic of the letter I found in our ancient apartment that predicted I’m going to meet the man of my dreams. Or maybe it’s just hormones. But just when I start to buy into us as a couple, someone from his past shows up with a shocking secret that Keane’s adamant is untrue.

Now I’m questioning if I can really trust the guy who told the entire football team in high school that I still slept with a stuffie at fifteen years old. In my experience, the answer is no.

Three’s A Crowd is a best friend’s older brother rom-com full of laughs and sexy times. No cheating. HEA.





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Everly Ashton is a USA Today Bestselling Author who wanted to try something a little different under a new name. She loves brooding heroes, spunky heroines, and happily ever afters. You can usually find her with a Kindle in one hand and a cup of caffeine in the other. And because she’s using a pseudonym she can’t tell you much more than that. 😉


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