Review: To Sir, With Love by Lauren Layne

Gracie Cooper runs her family’s champagne store, Bubbles & More, in New York City. It is struggling unfortunately but after Gracie’s dad passed away, she de facto became in charge of it and she is doing her best to generate new income. It is not easy. And things become increasingly more difficult when Sebastian Andrews stops into her store with an offer to buy it out. Gracie is more than ready to say no but… is it the right choice?

On top of the struggles with Bubbles & More, Gracie has been writing to a guy she met online. And well, she has kind of fallen in love with him even though it is nearly impossible and said guy has already let her know he has a girlfriend. And then her pesky attraction to Sebastian grows too. Not only is her business life in a funk, but her love life is falling to pieces.

Book cover: To Sir, With Love by Lauren Layne
To Sir, With Love by Lauren Layne

To Sir, With Love is Lauren Layne’s spin on Nora Ephron’s You’ve Got Mail. I am pleased to say that this book stands out on its own! There is a great quality of romance and sweetness that peppers the story through the course of the exchanges between Gracie and “Sir”. And as Gracie and Sebastian move beyond bickering to understanding and even liking, that romance infiltrates their story too.

I really liked Gracie as a character. She has quite a bit on her plate with the struggling store and determining if this is what she wants her future to be. Her family, though she loves them dearly, isn’t putting the time and effort into Bubbles & More that she is. Is this truly a dream she wants to keep going with or is her passion for art where she wants to see her future go? Gracie experiences growth and change throughout the story and that’s always pleasing to see in characters.

Sebastian comes across at first as a typical rich powerful New York mogul. But he doesn’t relish what he does in his job either. Lauren Layne allows both characters to slowly reveal their true selves.

This is a closed door romance. There is no sex and by book’s end, the characters have merely kissed. Nonetheless, I found it to be incredibly romantic and passionate and I did not regret at all reading this book. All credit to Lauren Layne for keeping me engaged in these characters and their happily-ever-after (because they definitely do get a HEA).

To Sir, With Love is available on June 29!

ARC provided by Edelweiss.


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