Review: Just Not That Into Billionaires by Annika Martin

I know the billionaire trend in romance is not for everyone. However, it is definitely for me in certain circumstances and when that circumstance is a new Annika Martin book? Count me in! Just Not That Into Billionaires is book six in Ms. Martin’s Billionaires of Manhattan series. It is a light-hearted and playful series.

Francine is about to embark on the ballet tour of her life. She has worked so hard to become a part of this ballet company and to go on tour. Unfortunately, one thing is throwing everything off. She has been rejected by several countries because though she says she is single her record keeps coming up showing she is married. Francine is befuddled to put it lightly. When she digs into the situation and discovers who she is married to, Benjamin Stearnes, total scowly nerd from her time in Las Vegas years ago, well, she is sure it will be an easy fix. Easy peasy, divorce!

Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Benny will only give her the divorce if she spends the next three weeks with him “pretending” to be his wife, even though she is his wife. It’s making a complicated, if fixable situation, a lot more convoluted and Francine is trying to understand Benny’s motivation.

Of course, Benny is seeking a little revenge for the wife who ghosted him after their quick marriage in Vegas. He also has some major, major unresolved feelings for her no matter how he denies it. Their chemistry is very strong and he still can’t resist the pull of Francine.

Readers know immediately what the conflict will be going into this story but as a big fan of the series, that did not cast a pall over my enjoyment at all! I really loved Francine’s big personality. She loves ballet, she loves her friends, and she loves teaching young children about ballet. Her voice is powerful and her personality is a mix of extroverted theater nerd and insecure artist. When she is with Benny, she shines as she winds him up and enjoys the ensuing hijinks. The first dinner date they have together, along with a group of business people Benny is wooing, well, it is cause for laughter all around!

The villain of the story is a bit two-dimensional and doesn’t particularly come off as anything other than irritating. He causes some havoc that honestly wasn’t my favorite part of the story, but at the same time, by having this character, it allowed Benny to have some growth as he realized he wasn’t ready to let his company go. So while this secondary character was annoying as heck, he provided some use in the overall storyline.

This is definitely Benny and Francine’s show though (and a tiny of Monique and Igor’s show). I was really lucky to get an early copy of this book and I read it in a few swift hours. If you’ve enjoyed the other books in this series of girlfriends who find continued friendship and love in New York, I think you’ll fall right into Just Not That Into Billionaires. Francine and Benny have some great dialog throughout the course of the story, along with some very steamy love scenes. All in all, a great read!


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