Review: Affliction by J.L. Stray


Honestly, I wanted to like this book. Instead, I just found it really rather boring. I did not find the voices of Mia and Terry particularly distinctive. While the two characters have decent chemistry, I just did not find their love story compelling hard as I tried. There is a suspense angle built in but it left me feeling very meh. I do not put the fault of this on the author. I’ve just been in a reading funk and I think this book hit that particularly badly right now. I’m sure there is an audience for this story. Though I do stand by my thoughts that the voices of Mia and Terry really could have been one viewpoint given how little they stood out as different characters to me.

Affliction is available now! Maybe this is a book you’re willing to take a chance on. And if it’s available in Kindle Unlimited, I say give it a shot.



Release Date: October 10


~He wants me to remember and I want to forget he ever existed. The past holds too much pain.~




He left me with a simple, “I’m sorry I can’t.”




Now he’s back. And he’s everywhere. Showing up in all the places that we frequented, and invading the newly created normal I made for myself when he left me. His expertise has even been sought at my company, Shoegasm. Making it impossible to breathe without thinking of him and what could have been.




Terry should have stayed gone, I can’t be with him. Ghosts from the past, who afflicted so much pain, are back. And I can’t go down that road again, knowing Terry could end up hurt. This time it’s me who has to protect him.


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Meet J.L. Stray
J.L. Stray has always enjoyed reading books and writing stories.
Finally, she gathered up enough courage to publish one herself. 
A former Policy Specialist and current Consultant, she spends any extra moment she has writing, outlining and scheming her next book. 
Raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, she graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy. Most days she uses one of those degrees in either her career or dealing with her children. 


J.L. lives with her husband in that same small town, where they raise their three very active children, who always have them at a diamond, field or court.
She is a lover of books, shoes, beaches, and a strong drink. 
Connect with J.L. Stray
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