Review: Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter

The struggle for me in reading has definitely continued into 2022. I keep trying new books and giving up. Fortunately, Mr. Wrong Number kept my attention very well!

Olivia Beck has just moved in with her brother because she started a small fire that went out of control. (It was not her fault. You’ll get the full specifics as the story continues.) Unfortunately, this is just one more failure that makes it seem like, to her family, that her screw-up personality continues. Living with her brother isn’t ideal but it’s a safe place to crash as she tries to find a new job and a new place to live. Unfortunately, also living with her brother is her brother’s best friend, Colin Beck. Olivia and Colin have always clashed.

When Olivia receives a wrong number text, it begins a flirtatious texting relationship that Olivia and her mysterious texting man both enjoy. Unfortunately, Colin figures out who his mystery woman is and tries to put a stop to it. It’s not that easy.

There is great sexual tension in this book. Colin and Olivia definitely have that enemy-to-lovers trope I enjoy! But what really took their romance to another level for me is how Colin is one of the few people in Olivia’s life who supports her. Sure, it doesn’t happen overnight but he really proves to be a great sounding board as she tries to figure out where to take her career. Of course, there is a big “conflict” at the end that throws a wrench into their growing relationship. I expected it given the premise of the story.

I liked seeing Olivia grow. I really disliked her family (talk about being cruel when someone is down–and I feel like this was never properly addressed). Olivia and Colin have an unexpected beginning but their relationship grows from something fun and light to a more serious but equally enjoyable love.

Mr. Wrong Number is available now. The Kindle book is kind of expensive but if you can find this one at the library it’s worth checking out!

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