Review: Butt-Dialing the Billionaire by Annika Martin

Annika Martin’s Billionaires series is truly one of my current favorite series to read and re-read. To say I was thrilled about the publication of Butt-Dialing the Billionaire would be an understatement!

Jada has been a minor character in the previous books, one of the friend group who supports the main female character. It’s now her turn to shine. Jade takes her job at SportGoCo very seriously as head designer. Unfortunately, it seems like someone wants the company to fail. Her boss, Bert, is doing everything in his power to make sure sales tank. Then he has the audacity to hire one of the most lazy men Jada has ever met. Jack Smith is insolent and doesn’t seem to care about his job at all. It’s one more sign in Jada’s mind that something is going wrong at the company.

“Jack Smith” is not just any lazy employee. He is actually the billionaire owner of the company and he is determined to figure out who mocked him on a company-wide call. Jaxon doesn’t have a lot of positives in his life. His parents just died but he isn’t mourning. They were not good people. His racing career is over because of a fight. Now, basically for giggles, he is going to find out who mocked him and fire this person. He knows it isn’t Jada though. She is too stodgy and by the book to ever break a rule.

Jada is in fact the person who mocked Jack on the phone call. He was supposed to have already hung up! SportyGoCo used to be a super fun place to work. She was just trying to bring a little joy back to her fellow coworkers, people she considers family. She definitely didn’t expect to meet Jack. She is not impressed…at first. As Jada shows Jack every day, theirs really is a family and a company worth saving. Even hard-hearted Jack is starting to see that. But with his disguise still firmly in place, how will he tell Jada the truth about his initial intentions without losing her permanently?

Annika Martin always makes me laugh. Her new book is both strong in laughs and heart. It was really nice to see more of Jada and what drives her. She is passionate about clothing work. I really enjoyed seeing her in action with her coworkers as they worked with different zippers for their Unicorn Wonderbag. It was very frustrating to see Bert step in and ruin things so often!

I loved the chemistry between Jada and Jack. He thinks she is a boring rule-follower. He soon discovers that Jada is passionate about her work and the people she works with. She is earnest about showing him the good things in the company even if he is unwilling to appreciate them. But soon even Jack is caught up in trying to help SportyGoCo succeed, not realizing just how deeply the rot extends to its potential failure.

Jack begins as somewhat of a stereotypical bad boy rebel who did everything to annoy his parents. They were not nice people as you’ll see when you read. He wanted to cause them annoyance and well, he succeeded. But with them gone, now he just wants to sell off the company. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it seems to do that. And then he meets Jada who he connects with. Theirs is a very sexy and very fun relationship. I wanted to see them happy together even though I knew some heartbreak had to be coming.

Butt-Dialing the Billionaire reads very easily as a stand-alone title, but I have a feeling once you read this you’ll want to read more of the series if you haven’t yet. With her signature humor and sexy love scenes, Annika Martin has another delicious romance romp on her hands that will please readers from beginning to end.


Butt-dialing the Billionaire by Annika Martin is now live!

It was just some silly fun. A goofy imitation of the faceless mega-billionaire who owns our faceless international mega-corporation.

And yes, there was laughter. Possibly a few hoots and screams.

How was I to know that Dave from accounting had sat on the speakerphone, butt-dialing said mega-billionaire? Or that he’d listen to me make fun of him for ten straight minutes.

Ummm…he could’ve announced himself!

They say he’s a notorious rake. A paparazzi-punching scoundrel. An international jet-set bad boy.

And now I hear he’s determined to track down the jokester. Me.


But we’re tight like family in this office—no way will my co-workers rat me out, in spite of the pressure from the top. Plus, who brings the cookies? Moi!

Things die down after a few months, and I’m pretty sure I’m safe.

Thank goodness, because I have my hands full with our lazy, arrogant new office gopher. He has the worst work ethic I’ve ever seen—how did he even get hired? He doesn’t know how to work a vending machine, and he’s baffled when we send around a card to be signed for somebody’s birthday. It’s as if he’s never set foot in a place of business in his life.

But little by little, we’re drawing closer. He’s funny. Sexy. Wicked. Still, he’s all wrong for me. I like respectable men with a work ethic.

Also, I can’t shake the feeling that he’s hiding something…

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Annika Martin is a NYT bestselling author who loves reading fun, steamy books, doing yoga, taking pictures of my cats, rocking out to 90’s music, taking long baths, consuming See’s chocolate suckers, mooning over heroes’ hands, and helping animals. She can be found hanging out in Minneapolis coffee shops with her awesome writer husband and tending her crazy bee-friendly garden. She has also written as RITA award-winning author Carolyn Crane.

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