Review: Bad Influencer by Kenzie Reed

Release Date: August 26

Bad Influencer by Kenzie Reed is a great summer escape romance read! It is set at an amusement park! And even though I’m not a fan of roller coasters, I really enjoyed the ambiance of this book! Jillian was caught about to vandalize a billboard. Fortunately, the famous Bradford family has a compromise for her: instead of pressing charges, they will let her work for them and promote their new amusement park. It doesn’t sound like the greatest opening for a couple but Jillian and Elliott have very strong chemistry.

Jillian is an influence which, according to her family, isn’t much of a job at all. But she is good at her work for Bradford Amusement Parks. She knows how to set up fun photo shoots, she is good at wooing and winning over the customers and she just happens to capture Elliott’s heart.

Honestly, this book was just fun to read. I didn’t dive too deeply into the semantics of their relationship. They had good chemistry, fun dialog with each other, and interesting character development. Kenzie Reed does a great job of moving the story along and even though the story falls into the big misunderstanding at the end, I was happy things worked out for them. And I was happy to see Jillian gain more respect from her family who didn’t treat her very well throughout the course of the story. And though I am kind of wary of influencers in real life, it was a fun career choice that worked out great for Jillian. Kenzie Reed did a great job of portraying both the positives and negatives of being an influencer. I liked how this work parlayed naturally into a new job opportunity for Jillian.

Also, if you’re looking for a magical kiss that will stand out in your memory, Bad Influencer has a great scene for you!


We’ve all heard about the public image consultant brought in to fix the bad boy’s image. That’s not me. 

Nope, quite the opposite. I’ve been hired—well, blackmailed is more like it—to be a bad influence on grumpy, gorgeous, humor-deprived billionaire Elliott Bradford. He’s just become the public face of his family’s company, Bradford Amusement Parks. Problem: The board is about to kick him to the curb because they think Elliott wouldn’t recognize fun if it bit him in the as… spiration.

And they’re not wrong. I can’t believe I have to spend the next three months trying to coax a smile out of Jerk-in-a-Box. But if I fail, my secret shenanigans will be brought to light and my parents will pay the price. Again.

So here I am, getting stuck on top of a midnight roller coaster ride with him… and letting him kiss my panic attack away. Signing us up for a mud run… and letting him wash the mud out of my hair in the shower… Yes, I’m that dedicated to my job.

But the more I get to know broody Elliott, the more I think there might actually be a beating heart hiding underneath that navy double-breasted jacket. And the closer I get to the end of my assignment, the more I want to be the girl who can make him smile for real.

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Meet Kenzie Reed

Kenzie Reed lives in beautiful New England and is addicted to happily ever afters. 

She has a black belt in sarcasm and makes the worst puns ever—just ask her kids. She spends her days clearing dog fur from her keyboard and dreaming up snarky dialogue for sexy heroes. 


Her taste in books ranges from science fiction to thrillers to romantic comedy, and her bookcases have multiple personality disorder. 

She loves to hear from readers!




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