Review: Single and Ready to Jingle by Piper Rayne

I don’t read a lot of holiday themed books despite my immense love for all things Christmas. But this title intrigued me so I wanted to give it a try and I’m glad I did. It proved to be a fun and super sexy Christmas romance.

Kenzie is a party planner looking for her big break. It’s why she goes above and beyond for the events she plans, like dressing up as an elf for a recent event. Unfortunately, she also forgot her after work date clothes so she races to the location where the date is being held dressed as an elf. Her date is not impressed. In fact, he’s kind of a jerk about it. Andrew can’t believe this woman thought it was appropriate to show up in her elf clothes. When he learns that Kenzie is the sister of his best friend, well, let’s just say both want to pretend the date never happened. Good thing Kenzie gives him a piece of her mind!

However, when Andrew learns that one of the partner’s at his law firm is in search of an event planner for the office’s holiday party, well, he throws Kenzie’s name into the ring. And this brings them back together and soon, where there was simmering distrust there is romance. Unfortunately, neither Kenzie or Andrew are without their baggage.

Single and Ready to Jingle is a really fun read to get you in the spirit of the holidays! Kenzie’s enthusiasm for her job and for Christmas is really sweet. Maybe I just relate to her too much as I too love Christmas but this was one of the best parts of her character. I also really liked seeing Kenzie get to know her older brother. They’ve never had a close relationship but something different this holiday season is bringing them closer together as adults.

The romance is also really good! Andrew and Kenzie have a bit of a frenemies vibe in the beginning but that does change as they work together and get to know each other better. The sex scenes are nice and spicy too which I appreciate. While I like Hallmark movies, I definitely appreciate a bit more spice to my reading. Piper Rayne does not go lightly on the spice factor!

All in all, Single and Ready to Jingle proved to be a very fun read that went all too quickly for my tastes!

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