Review: The Billionaire Takes a Bride by Jessica Clare

The Billionaire Takes a Bride by Jessica ClareThe Billionaire Takes a Bride is a tiny bit Kardashian and a heck of a lot just a great love story. And don’t worry about the Kardashian comparison, Sebastian Cabral is definitely not happy with his family’s media empire. What he is happy about is his unexpected but totally pleasurable marriage to Chelsea Hall. She is gorgeous, flirty and fun. And he can make a platonic marriage work. Totally.

Chelsea has just lost her best friend to a better job opportunity in Austin, Texas. Now she has to conquer some of her own fears which is much easier said than done. A terrifying rape has left Chelsea with a lot of fears. She puts on a great, bubbly front, but there is a lot of unhappiness inside.

This story seems like it would be a disaster from start to finish but Chelsea and Sebastian really click together on the pages. Chelsea is a true fighter. She is heavily involved in a local roller derby league and she loves to kick butt. It is her outlet for her fears and it works great. I really liked how this book deals with Chelsea’s struggles. There were no easy answers, even at the very end. Her rape will forever effect her life and Sebastian realizes that. He is kind of a perfect man. He falls in love with Chelsea but definitely is willing to play by what makes her comfortable. I know it was a bit over the top, his graciousness in general, but he really was attuned to Chelsea and her needs and that makes him a pretty amazing character to me. It never felt like he was doing this in a pitiful way either. He respects Chelsea from the very first time they meet. His respect for her grows and their bedroom activities were a natural growth of that.

The Cabral Empire doesn’t make too much of a demand on the storyline overall, which I was thankful for. But it does play a role, especially in the conflict towards the end of the story. Sebastian makes a stand however and he sticks with it, all for the protection and happiness of Chelsea. I loved how Sebastian really catered to Chelsea and her needs overall in this book. He is a great guy in general, if a bit at loose ends in his life. He’s so wealthy he doesn’t have to work, not really. He has a passion but he’s always hidden it. Letting Chelsea see what it is takes faith on his part.

While I feel like Chelsea was the true stand-out character in this book, Sebastian does not sit idly by. He is sexy (in fact, the book in general is sexy as heck!), playful and kind. He is just the kind of man Chelsea deserves and I’m glad he pursued her, heart and soul.

The Billionaire Takes a Bride is the third book in the Billionaires and Bridesmaids series by Jessica Clare. It stands alone really nicely however so if you’re at all interested in discovering how compatible Chelsea and Sebastian are, do not be afraid to dive in. It’s well worth it! I became hooked on their romance and I’m so glad to see such deserving characters meet and fall in love, even if it was slightly unconventional all around. Another salaciously satisfying romance from Jessica Clare!

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ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley.


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